Team Building in Australia’s Spa Capital

Our professional events team at Bellinzona Resort in the Hepburn Springs like to think outside the box and create truly unique experiences for our conference delegates. Forget the boring cliché team building exercises like trust falling…

Bellinzona Resort in conjunction with TimeOut Adventures have developed fun and exciting activities designed to build and strengthen relationships between team members and to aid members in developing new solutions to existing problems. With a variety of team building exercises available onsite, Bellinzona Resort has the answer when it comes to building trust and connections amongst teams. Hepburn Springs Team Building activities have never been better!

Segway Olympics
Unique, interactive, amazing and totally fun! Segway Team Challenges require teams to use group effort to complete the course successfully.

Challenges available at Hepburn Springs Team Building in Bellizona include Giant Slalom, Top Shot, Egg & Spoon, Clumsy Waiter, Puzzle Frenzy and Gauntlet.

Archery / Laser Clay Target Shooting

A fun, totally safe and interactive take on clay pigeon shooting using harmless infrared signals, Laser Clay Target Shooting will have your delegates bonding over fun and laughter in no time.

Or perhaps Archery is more to your taste? Delegates will undertake a structured & engaging lesson in archery with emphasis on technique and safety. This Hepburn Springs team building activity really hits the spot.

Cooking Central

Strengthen your team’s interpersonal relationships using Hepburn Springs Team Building activities with a variety of fun and exciting cooking programs such as ‘Pizza Bizarre’, ‘Restaurant Rejuvenators’, ‘City Scramble BBQ Cook-Off’ and ‘BBQ Battles’.

Amazing Races / Crazy Scramble

Let your team loose around the Resort with the objective to gain as many points as possible. Available in a number of formats, teams will complete tasks such as collecting scavenger items, taking photos throughout the property, building human pyramids and much more!

Stress Reduction Technique Classes

Long hours of sitting in front of a computer can be taxing on our mind and bodies, a visit to the Hepburn Springs can remedy that. Together with Daylesford Heart of Yoga, we offer group classes that range from 30 to 90 minutes providing instant relief from the hectic schedule of conferences.

Charity Programs

Teams use wireless buzzers to battle it out in this highly interactive program which uses state of the art multimedia capabilities and digital projectors, exciting and lots of fun!

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